Jerome Oddo currently lives in San Antonio, Texas and serves in the Air Force Band of the West. He is a Bassist, Vocalist and on-call recording engineer. He is an active freelance musician in the area playing a variety of gigs and styles. Jerome loves to play different music. He says, “It keeps it interesting." What he brings to every gig/situation is a depth of experience and versatility. From laying down solid Electric or Acoustic bass lines to solo’s and singing, it’s all about making the gig the best it can be and pleasing the client.

The studio is home based running Nuendo for recording and editing. (See “Gear List" for more info) It works out great. We’ve had 6 piece live bands recording simultaneously and even recorded a 15 piece choir in-house. (Samples coming soon) Jerome has mixed and edited groups as large as 50 member wind bands with a 50 piece choir and lead vocals on top. It’s all rewarding from live Jazz trio’s (as you can hear in the Listen section) to full ensembles to woodwind/string trios.

Studio production is Jerome’s passion. He got into it after doing a session with a friend, Larry Seyer. What an incredible talent! Google his site and check him out. He is great person, a real professional and a pleasure to work with. “I was sold on the studio thing!" says Jerome.

What's Jerome's recording concept? "Like most musicians I’ve always been a gear head. So, I diligently studied several music courses to get my technical ability on par with my ears. It’s been a great journey that is never ending. Continual learning is the key to anything music or otherwise. Aside from the tech stuff recording and mixing is about listening… It sounds very simple, but it’s not. My approach is to get the sound that you have in your head to come out of the speakers."

This studio has turned out top quality music that has been played and broadcast around the world. To inquire about studio sessions or performances please click the “Contact" link.

Now let’s make some music!